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Every work environment has a collection of unique personalities, usually working towards the same goal. The beauty of a community coworking space is that everyone can still benefit from each other’s strengths while striving for their own aspirations.

Our community also goes beyond the remarkable people who meet and work in our space – we have a network of partners and a referral program that helps everyone to expand their connections and their potential to prosper.

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Thinktank Workspace is a Toronto shared office space proud to act as a home base for some of Toronto’s most exciting and innovative companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.  Learn more about who they are, what they offer, and why Thinktank works for them.

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Thinktank Workspace has teamed up with some of the top companies, retailers and resources in our community to make sharing perks and privilege with our members possible! Our members are eligible for special pricing.

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Referral Program

Know anyone interested in a collaborative workspace or office share? We can’t wait to meet them! Current members will be gifted Thinktank Credits for referring new members. Direct them to sign up, and as long as they include your name, you’ll not only be helping to build our community, but also earning credit!

(Note: Credit program will change from time to time - please enquire on location).


Interested in volunteering or interning at Thinktank Workspace? Email us at [email protected] to learn more about how you can get involved.


Thinktank Workspace is a community that thrives in Toronto, with members from all over the GTA. We appreciate the chance to give back whenever possible. Check here for updates on initiatives, volunteering and community events.


Interested in joining the team? Contact us at [email protected] for career opportunities and openings.

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Do you have a great product, new business or promising idea that Thinktank could work with you on? We’re all about creative partnerships! We can work together to familiarize our members with your company’s product, service, or experience. Email us at [email protected] to get started.

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